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Registered Professional Accountants

Accounting information, critical data that is the backbone of your business and the technology that supports its creation, retrieval and use continues to rapidly evolve...

Marketing, sales, job or installation and service scheduling, production, banking, invoicing, billings and payments, compliance reporting and management reporting are now readily available online. This gives owner-managers, designated employees and trusted advisors the ability to work anywhere, anytime, across multiple operating systems and hardware devices.

As management accountants, QBO ProAdvisors and Ontario Business Registration Intermediary Partners we look forward to assisting you and your team manage and grow your business using current financial technologies.

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Robert W (Bob) Finlay RPA, CGBA

Certified Accounting Practitioner

R Walter Finlay and Associates

Registered Professional Accountants

Whitby, ON

(905) 442-3833  rwfinlayassoc@gmail.com

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